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16-May-12 3:15 PM  CST  

Constructing the Pharmacy Technician Resumé 

Having a polished resumé is a must when looking for a job.  Putting together a pharmacy technician resumé is a task that takes some thought and planning if you wish to have one that is well formed and hope to land a pharmacy technician job.  Here are some tips to get you started. 

1.  The objective.  Having a clear objective is imperative.  Also, be sure to state whether or not you are a certified pharmacy technician.  The distinction between a certified or uncertified technician means your knowledge base of the field is larger and also will mean a higher pay scale (in most cases).   

2.  Internships & externships.  Including all internships and externships on your resumé will count for a lot.  Hands on employment in a pharmacy along with academic courses will show that you have had some ‘real world’ training in your field. 

3.  Actual work experience.  Listing all of your employment shows stability in work history.  If you do not have a lot of actual work history in a pharmacy still include other types of jobs as this will make up for work not performed in a pharmacy setting.    

4.  Education.  Obtaining a pharmacy technician certificate or associates degree can help you get the job you desire.  Most pharmacies require applicants to have some sort of academic book knowledge as the pharmacy field is a continuous and ever changing field. 

5.  Organizational memberships.  Create a separate heading to list memberships to any professional organizations like the National Pharmacy Technician Association. 

These tips will give you a good start in creating an organized and well-planned resumé any employer will love.  Writing a conscience resumé is one of the many steps you will take in obtaining your dream job.

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