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21-Jun-12 9:00 AM  CST  

FDA Study Data: Top Prescriptions When it Comes to Rxs for Kids 

A recent study by the FDA reported that ADHD drugs and birth control pills were the top meds prescribed for kids.  According to the study, prescriptions for the pediatric population fell from 2002 to 2010.  However, the use of birth control pills and ADHD medications rose within those years. 

Other interesting statistics showed a shift in the type of drugs prescribed to young adults.  There was a 42% reduction in cough or cold medication (without an expectorant), 5% reduction in antidepressants, 14% reduction in pain medications, 14% increase in asthma prescriptions, 10% rise in topical corticosteroids, 22% increase in oral corticosteroids, and 10% increase in seizure medications.    

It should be noted that researchers said prescription drug data did not determine that kid’s actuality used the medications.  In addition, dispensing data did not include in-clinic, inpatient use, mail order, dietary supplement, and over the counter uses of the medications.  “Identification of drugs with the highest numbers of patients exposed can help focus research efforts on those drugs that could have a large impact on the pediatric population,” wrote the FDA research authors, led by Grace Chai of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.          

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