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16-Aug-12 7:00 AM  CST  

National Immunization Awareness Month 

With the start of school many pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will see an increase in immunizations in the month of August.  August is National Immunization Awareness Month and NPTA wants pharmacy technicians to be aware of this very important month.   
The National Health Information Center advises the following when it comes to being updated on current shots.  Children and adults of all ages should follow this sound advice.  Young children under the age of 6 should get a series of shots to prevent and protect against polio, chicken pox, hepatitis, and measles. 
Pre-teens are advised to get shots starting at age 11 or even age 12 to assist in the prevention and protection against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, HPV, and meningitis.  Recommended vaccinations for adults consist of a booster shot (every 10 years) to protect against diphtheria and tetanus.  Elderly persons aged 65 and older should obtain a one-time pneumonia shot.   
Pharmacy technicians can make note of these immunization schedules and pass it on to their customers as a reminder to help them stay healthy and get their routine shots for optimum health. 

1.  “August National Health Observances.”  Office of Disease Prevention and Health

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