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10-Sep-12 7:00 AM  CST  

Is an Addiction Proof Painkiller in Our Future? 

We have all taken a painkiller at one time or another.  The problem with these painkillers is that for some an addiction begins.  It can begin for many reasons.  One reason is to kill the pain and another reason may be to set up an addiction for a particular drug.  This is an issue some understand and some do not. 

A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found when rodents were administered a drug called naloxone along with opioid drugs that they did not show signs of addiction.  Naloxone acts on glia which blocks a troll like receptor, specifically, receptor 4 (TLR4).  This receptor is found on glial cells.  When receptor 4 is activated, pleasure and dependence occur, but when the receptor is blocked by naloxone, opiods are not desired and a tolerance is not present. 

From the recent study, scientists can gain insight into the potential of a possible addiction proof prescription drug that could have positive outcomes for those needing to take painkillers long term. 

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