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24-Jul-13 5:00 PM  CST  

Helping Patients Connect through Nexiumís YouTube Channel 

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD affects more than 60 million Americans each month.  It is a source of discomfort for some and torture for others.  GERD suffers may feel as though they are alone in their plight, but AstraZeneca has created a Nexium YouTube Channel to help those affected with the disease.  The Nexium YouTube Channel serves to inform and educate individuals about GERD and how Nexium can help relieve many of their symptoms.  In addition, the channel also provides a network of support to patients and gives them an opportunity to connect with other suffers of GERD. 

Commercial Business Leader Ken Graham, GI, of AstraZeneca recently commented on the use of social media and the Nexium YouTube channel.  “The majority of patients today use social media to source health and wellness information.  With more than one billion unique users visiting YouTube each month, the Nexium YouTube channel puts everything from background on GERD to information on cost savings for Nexium at patients’ fingertips,” said Graham. 

Pharmacy Technicians may be interested to know the Nexium YouTube channel provides patients with: 


  • Burning Thoughts.  Burning thoughts is a special section where patients may learn about lifestyle changes to control GERD and also discover valuable information on controlling their symptoms. 

  • Videos.  The channel also provides visual content on the role of stomach acid and digestion and how Nexium works on this painful condition.  Also on this section are indications and safety information for Nexium. 

  • Savings Card.  Patients will find information on a Nexium savings card they can use towards their prescription. 

To check out the Nexium YouTube channel pharmacy technicians may go to  They may also wish to view the Nexium web site by going to



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