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7-Aug-13 10:00 AM  CST  

More Parents Turning to Retail Clinics for Children’s Care 

It’s back to school time for many kids and that means making sure children and young adults are up to date with check-ups, immunizations, eye care, prescriptions, and general health concerns before they return to class.  A recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics notes that patients are turning to retail health clinics over taking their children to an established pediatrician.  Half of the retail visits were made even when the child’s pediatrician’s office was open for business.  Here are some interesting statistics from the study concerning the use of retail clinics over pediatricians: 

  • 74% of parents considered going first to their child’s pediatrician for a minor illness, but then decided to take their child to a retail clinic instead. 
  • 36.6% chose a retail clinic because it was convenient for them. 
  • 25.2% of parents chose a drugstore clinic due to no availability in office appointments with a regular physician.    
  • 13.0% believed their child’s health problem was not serious enough to go to a pediatrician. 
  • 15.4% did not want to bother the physician after office hours.     

Some parents are turning to clinics over pediatricians due to many reasons which include the cost of visits, qualified doctors, insurance acceptance, and quality of patient care.  Retail clinics not only offer the advantage of an onsite doctor, but also provide the advice of a qualified pharmacist.  Given this fact, pharmacy technicians are given the opportunity to interact with pharmacists, learn more about healthcare, illnesses, and available drugs used to treat various health conditions with a retail clinic onsite which can enable them to learn more about their profession and patient needs. 



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