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23-Sep-13 11:00 AM  CST  

New Data Shows Vitamin D Can Help in the Prevention of Ear Infections in Children 

New research and medical data is now showing that Vitamin D can help in the prevention of ear infections in children.  The new data was presented at the 2013 Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 

Researchers studied 116 children where 1,000 IU a day of Vitamin D was given, while some kids were given a placebo pill over a four month time period.  Children given the Vitamin D supplement got less ear infections as compared with kids who were given the placebo pill.  The Vitamin D supplement also helped children get less complications due to their ear infections. 

Susana Esposito, MD, of the University of Milan, recently commented on the study’s findings.  “However, it was interesting because we observed that the positive effect is significant in the group of children with recurrent AOM and lowering the risk of uncomplicated episodes of AOM.  Of course, some more studies are needed in order to identify whether in healthy children you can reduce the risk of AOM generally, not the risk of recurrences, in relation to Vitamin D levels.  More studies are needed to see if we can increase the population that can have a benefit from receiving Vitamin D supplementation,” said Esposito. 

As a pharmacy technician, do you see a lot of children coming to your pharmacy with ear infections?  What do you think of the new findings? 




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