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2-Dec-13 9:00 AM  CST  

Cough Relief To Go With Robitussin! 

According to a recent Pfizer press release, there are more than one billion cases of the common cold and five to twenty percent of those people will get the flu.  There is new news on the OTC drug horizon just in time for the holidays.  Pfizer has introduced a new product into their family of Robitussin cough medicines which will now include Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough + Congestion DM liquid-filled capsules that can be taken on the go with patients this holiday season.  Dosing instructions are as follows: 


  • Adults and children 12 years and over should take two caplets every six to eight hours (as needed). 


  • Children under 12 years should not be given DM Max liquid-filled capsules. 


  • Each capsule will be 15 mg’s and available at most pharmacies and other retail outlets. 


        Pharmacy technicians may want to recommend the Robitussin Coughcast Tool where pharmacy patients and customers can find out about rising cough levels in their local area or destination they are traveling to.  This tool can help keep everyone well as colder weather approaches and flu season gets closer.  Technicians can discover more about the Robitussin Coughcast tool and other Robitussin pharmaceutical products by going to




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