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4-Dec-13 8:00 AM  CST  

Cool Holiday Gifts for Pharmacy Technicians 

Have you made your holiday wish list yet?  You may be searching for a gift for yourself, your pharmacist, or for a fellow pharmacy technician and may not have a clue as to what to get them!  There are some very cool gifts out there you may not have thought of and now is the time to do your shopping before it’s too late!  Here are some presents that pharmacy professionals are sure to love: 



  • PTCB online store goodies.  Have you passed the PTCE or know a fellow technician who did?  Give them a Pharmacy Technician Certification Board pin so they can proudly show their CphT status!   


  • Single instant coffee packets.  Many pharmacy technicians work long hours and sometimes need a caffeine boost!  Consider giving your pharmacy technician single instant coffee packets that they can pour into a hot cup of water.  They will love your gift even more when they are tired and need a pick me up! 


  • Tokens of gratitude.  Gift baskets with healthy treats in them are another good idea when thinking about giving your employee a nice gift of the season. 


  • Secret Santa.  Playing Secret Santa among your co-workers is a fun way to exchange presents in the pharmacy.  Gifts do not have to be expensive and will give fellow technicians a way to give back and bring holiday cheer into the pharmacy. 


            Technicians work hard all year long and deserve a little gift of appreciation and love.  What will you give your pharmacy technician friends this year?  





1.  NPTA web site.


2.  PTCB web site.

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