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16-Dec-13 8:00 AM  CST  

PTCB Offers New PTCE Practice Test 

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) has announced a brand new practice test available to individuals wishing to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE).  The new practice exam, which will be unlike the old PTCE practice exams, will have the same look and feel as the official PTCE.  Practice test takers will be given 90 questions and given a 24 hour period to review correct and incorrect answerers along with an explanation of each answer.       

            Pharmacy technician certification exam practice tests can be a huge help for those individuals who want to take the big test.  Taking practice tests can benefit pharmacy technician students in many ways: 


  • Prepare.  Practice tests enable students to better prepare for the certification exam by enhancing the look and feel of the real test.  Students will feel less anxious about taking the exam if they know what to expect. 


  • Identify.  Mock testing also gives students the edge on identifying problem areas they may need to focus their attention on more so they can make a passing grade to earn their certification. 


  • Another good thing.  Test takers can retake the test over again if they pay the practice test fee of $29.00 again.  Taking the test more than once gives candidates additional practice and can only ensure a better score on the PTCE. 


            The cost of the new practice test is $29.00.  Pharmacy technicians will remember that the PTCE was updated on November 1st and the new practice test will reflect the new test changes.  Practice test candidates will have 110 minutes to take the exam and pharmacy technicians can take the new practice exam by going to    





1.  PTCB Press Release.  “PTCB Launches New Practice Test.”  Web.  Date of Access:  15 Dec 2013. 

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