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17-Dec-13 8:00 AM  CST  

Work Tips Tuesday: What Employers are Pondering During an Interview 


Going on job interviews and being put on the spot is enough to make anyone nervous, but do you ever wonder what the potential employer is thinking during an interview?  Here is a look at some of the things employers ponder while you are in an interview: 


  • Skills.  Potential employers often ask themselves do you have what they need in terms of work skills that you will need on the job.  They will want to see that you have had the proper training and possess the skills they are looking for in order to properly fill the open position. 


  •  Can’t we all get along?  New possible employers want to know before they hire you that you will be able to get along with them and also fellow employees.  Versatility and politeness go a long way!


  • Motivation.  One of the first things bosses want to see is that you are motivated in both an interview and on the job.  If you lack motivation it can hamper your chances of getting the career you want. 


  • Affordability.  Potential employers also want to know if they can afford you.  Try not to price yourself out of a job and keep salary requirements reasonable. 


            Of course it is impossible to know what someone is thinking, but these are just a few thoughts hiring managers may think about during an interview and are some things to keep in mind as you search for your next pharmacy technician job. 






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