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7-Jan-14 10:00 AM  CST  

Work Tips Tuesday: Using a Smart Phone or iPhone to Aid in Your Job Search 

If you are still looking for work in the new year – don’t fret.  There is one piece of technology you may not have thought about using to find employment and that is the use of your Smart Phone or iPhone to seek employment.  New phone technology and application stores make the process of finding a job a lot easier and here are a few ways that your phone may assist you in getting work: 


  •  Calendar.  Use the calendar option to help you keep track of dates and times of job interviews.  Set up reminders so you do not forget an interview or set the alarm feature on your phone so you won’t be late for a meeting with a potential employer. 


  • Applications.  Many job sites have an app for the iPhone and Android Smart Phone and these apps are also available for tablets as well.  The Career Builder app lets users sign in to their accounts, upload resumes, and sync resumes from their phone on their Career Builder account.  Both Glassdoor and Job Street have useful apps worth utilizing to make the most of your job search as well. 


  • Maps.  Being late to a job interview is probably one of the biggest turn offs for potential employers.  Consider using your phone’s ‘maps’ feature to help you get to your interview on time and find your desired location with ease. 


            The tips above are just a few useful ways you can make your job search the best one yet in the new year.  To read more career advice articles for pharmacy technicians please go to




1.  Original content by Jennifer S. O’Reilly.

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