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8-Jan-14 8:00 AM  CST  

Some Pharmacies Offer 30 day Supply of Medications to Obamacare Enrollees Who Have Not Received Plan ID Number 

Some well-known pharmacies are offering 30 day prescriptions to backlogged Obamacare enrollees who have not received their plan identification number yet under the Obamacare healthcare law.  For months, there have been numerous problems with the infamous site, which has lead to many frustrating times for those trying to enroll on the site as well as frustrations for insurance companies. 

 Enrollees who do not have their plan ID number yet should bring proof of enrollment concerning their insurance so they will be able to get their free 30 day supply of prescriptions.  Pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy staff will verify enrollment which will then enable them to fill the appropriate Rx’s. 

            So far the following pharmacies are offering the temporary 30 day supply: 


  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy. 


  • Wal-Mart Pharmacy. 


  • Kinney Drugs.


            In a recent press release, Walgreen’s Pharmacy commented on the free 30 day supply and the Affordable Care Act.  “We understand that all the changes that come with healthcare reform may create some questions for newly enrolled individuals.  “We are deeply committed to helping those patients get, stay, and live well by helping them to get their medications without interruption,” said Kermit Crawford, President of pharmacy, health, and wellness for Walgreen’s.      Is your pharmacy offering the free 30 day supply to Obamacare enrollees?  Do you know of any other pharmacies that are doing so?  More articles on the pharmacy technician field and other healthcare issues can be found by going to




1.  Walgreen’s Pressroom.  “Walgreen’s to Provide Up to 30-Day Prescription Supply at No Upfront Cost for Public Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollees Who Have Not Been Assigned an Identification Number.”  Web.  Date of Access:  8 Jan 2014. 


2.  Reuters Reports.  “Walgreen Co. Offers Month of Prescriptions to Backlogged Obamacare Enrollees.” Reuters.  Web.  Date of Access:  8 Jan 2014. 


3.  Reuters Reports.  “Wal-Mart Offers 30 Days of Prescriptions to Backlogged Obamacare Enrollees.”  Reuters.  Web.  Date of Access:  8 Jan 2014. 

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