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21-Feb-14 8:00 AM  CST  

CVS Expands MinuteClinic Scope To Telehealth in 28 States 

CVS’s MinuteClinic has grown to approximately 150 new clinics and now they are testing the practice of telehealth in 28 states.  Telehealth has grown in its scope and has become popular with such teledoctor programs like Doctor On Demand and Teledoc.  There are some down sides to telehealth, but so far the practice has gotten rave reviews by many patients around the United States. 

            CVS president Larry Merlo recently commented on the telehealth growth with CVS.  “Our California Nurse Practitioners are now providing patient care remotely through sophisticated video technology and audio equipment with licensed vocational nurses assisting patients.  We plan to expand this exciting pilot to a second state later this year, and we look forward to the results,” said Merlo. 


            Some of the positive points of telemedicine are: 


  • Patients can get access to a doctor quickly and avoid germy waiting rooms and long waits at their doctor’s office. 


  • Recent research shows that patient health complaints are often resolved soon after their telemedicine visit. 


            There are some illnesses and conditions that cannot be treated virtually and more serious issues may need to be seen by a doctor in person.  Those experiencing an emergency situation should not use telemedicine.  Some states already have telepharmacy programs and the trend may work well with teledoctor for some patients.  In addition, both telepharmacy and telemedicine programs will have a positive impact on pharmacy technicians as well.  The trend may create jobs and a new field for technicians to work in, which makes new technology in the healthcare profession a win-win situation.                     




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