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26-Feb-14 10:00 AM  CST  

The New Walmart Way: Fresh and Pharmacy 


            Walmart stores are taking a new approach to their stores in which they will be concentrating on “Fresh and Pharmacy.”  The big box retailer has announced plans to focus their attention on these two health related areas and they are also realizing diverse customer needs. 

            Bill Simon, U.S. Walmart President and CEO recently commented on the store changes to Drug Store News.  “Customers’ needs and expectations are changing.  They want to shop when they want and how they want, and we are transforming our business to meet their expectations.  Customers appreciate the broad assortment of our supercenters for their stock-up trips as well as our small store formats for fill-in-trips.  By unlocking this growth opportunity and further combining our supercenters and small store formats with an unlimited selection available through ecommerce, we provide our customers with anytime, anywhere access to our brand,” said Simon. 

            Walmart is looking to expand openings of their smaller stores, specifically the Neighborhood Markets and Walmart Express stores.  Both of these stores include a pharmacy which will hopefully help grow the pharmacy technician job market.  Walmart pharmacies fill approximately 325 prescriptions a day according to a lead pharmacy technician at Walmart in the Houston area.  Pharmacy Technician job growth is up, and there is a lot of new promise for the field in many different types of pharmacy technician employment. 




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