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3-Mar-14 8:00 AM  CST  

Work Tips: Career Inspiration from Mika Brzezinski 


            CNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host and best selling author Mika Brzezinski has had her share of ups and downs in her career.  In her book titled “Knowing Your Value:  Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth,” she has some great tips for job seekers and for anyone in the working world.  Here is a look at some of her tips to help keep you motivated in your career and job search if you are looking for work: 


  • Start strong:  “Not having a ton of skill and experience doesn’t mean you don’t have inherent value, so act like you do.  Make clear that you have gumption, an interest in learning, and a willingness to work hard,” said Brzezinski.  So even if you are just starting out in the pharmacy field you can still bring something to the table. 


  • Stepping stone.  Brzezinski also advises that employees should stand their ground at work and not let people walk on them.  She says if you let them then they will. 


  • Take responsibility.  The co-host and author suggests that employees take responsibility for the job and tasks assigned to them.  Pharmacy technicians are expected to take full responsibility for their jobs for many reasons, whether it’s taking responsibility concerning better patient safety or simply double checking the pharmacist or other pharmacy technician to make sure a prescription was filled right, the job must always be done correctly and with pride.   


            To read more inspiring career tips from Mika, please go to




1.  Mika Brzezinski’s web site.


2.  Brezezinski, Mika.  “Knowing Your Value:  Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth.”  Weinstein Publishing.  Print.  Date of Access:  1 Mar 2014. 

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