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10-Mar-14 8:00 AM  CST  

Work Tips: Could You Do It? Could you Go a Week without Complaining? 

We all do it, but the question remains could we stop if we could?  Do you think you could stay totally positive and not complain for a week?  It is so easy for some people to find fault with just about everything, but being a negative person usually does more harm than good.  Below are some tips to help you kick the negative thoughts and actually stop complaining (at least for a little while). 


  • Distraction.  One thing that can help with negative thinking is distraction.  Try diverting your attention away from complaining and negative thoughts.  Try doing proactive things like hitting the gym, thinking of a fun time with a friend, or thinking forward to an enjoyable event coming up in your life.  All of these little cues help to make the day more pleasant and help your attitude. 


  • Catching Yourself.  If the day seems to not be going right, then try to catch yourself before you throw yourself into a negative spiral of complaining  Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can often be effective. 


  • Positive Affirmation.  Start the day off with being grateful for your life, who, and what you have in it.  Wake up and say your positive affirmation or write it down, use post-it notes to remember your positive mantra, and keep the positive juices flowing.


            Being a negative person can only do harm to you and your outlook on life.  So, stay the beautiful and happy person you really are!  To read more career advice articles like these, please go to




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