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12-Mar-14 2:00 PM  CST  

Vegan Diets May Prove Useful In Weight Loss Efforts 

Researchers have found that obese patients partaking in a vegetarian diet could be more successful in weight loss than those choosing a diet with limited amounts of meat.  Research has also found that vegan diets also put patients at a lower risk for type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancers.  Vegan diets also prove to lower cholesterol, heart rate, boost mood, energy, and may increase longevity.  In results published in Obesity Week, certain patients assigned to a strictly vegan diet or vegetable diet shed more pounds over a two month period than those that follow a diet with meat, according to researcher Brie Turner-McGrievy of the University of South Carolina. 

            Donna Ryan, MD, and Professor emeritus at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge commented on the use of Vegan Diets in the battle of the bulge for a recent article for MedPage Today.  “Reducing the number of food choices, you will reduce food intake.  It’s hard to tell whether it is some quality of the diet versus the restriction in choices that is having the (weight loss) effect,” said Ryan. 

            Marilyn Castleman-Engman, of Gleason, TN, has been eating Vegan for many years and feels that it is the right dietary choice that meets her needs.  She has found many benefits to eating Vegan, not to mention cooking Vegan is fun.  “By going Vegan my cholesterol and weight have gone down, and I can eat with a clear conscience and mind now.  It has increased my ability to be able to work out hard and run as I want to.  I eat noting that requires or demands the exploitation of animals,” said Castleman-Engman.      

            A vegan diet is not for everyone, but weighing the benefits of such a diet may sway you to eat one way or another or a little bit of both.                




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