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3-Apr-14 3:00 PM  CST  

Career Inspiration: A Look at Barbara Corcoran 

We all get stuck in a rut at times in our career and sometimes feel the need for some career  inspiration whether we are currently working or looking for a job. There are many strong female leaders who started at the bottom with very little and worked their way up to career success. One of those successes is real estate mogul and Shark Tank ‘Shark’ Barbara Corcoran.

Believe it or not, there is still hope for those that did not do well in school. Ms. Corcoran made straight D’s in high school and college.  She also held twenty jobs by the time she was twenty-three. Corcoran first made it big when she quit her job as a waitress and borrowed $1,000 from her boyfriend to start a small sized real estate company in Manhattan. Now she is wildly successful in many areas of her career.  She is the founder of “The Corcoran Group,” Chairman of Barbara Corcoran, Inc, and best-selling author of “How I turned $1,000 Into A Billion Dollar Business.” In addition, she gives speeches and also has her endless role as a “Shark Tank” investor. 

 Barbara believes that the work environment should be fun. “I found the more fun I created in the company, the more creative and innovative it became.  “That was the big kahuna – the fun piece. That is what built the culture upside down and inside out. You got innovation. You got loyalty. You got people who would recruit for you,” said Corcoran.

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1.  Barbara Corcoran Press Kit.

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