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4-Apr-14 2:00 PM  CST  

Tips On Passing The Math Portion Of The PTCE 

The mathematical portion of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE)
may be daunting to some and easier for others. 

Either way you will want to ace this part of the test. Here are a few tips
to get you though it with flying colors: 


  • Study, study, study.  Working the math problems over and over again will help give you practice and also take some of the anxiety away that you might be experiencing. Practice really does make perfect! 


  • Get the right books.  Purchasing textbooks from the NPTA online store can help prepare you for the exam.  There are materials for purchase to help you master the
    mechanics of the math that pharmacy technicians use on a regular basis. 


  • Tutoring.  Consider asking a friend to help you study who has taken the PTCE before or get a tutor. 
    They can help give you the needed support you may need to pass the exam. 


  • Leave it at the door.  Leave test anxiety at the door and put it in its place.  When you properly prepare for the exam you will be sure to ace it with the score needed to pass the exam.  Talk about your test anxiety before you take the exam and work through these issues so they will not hinder your chances of making the grade! 


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