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11-Apr-14 10:15 AM  CST  

FDA Approves Evzio To Treat Opioid Overdose 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Evzio in the fight against opioid overdose. Evzio (naloxone hydrochloride injection) is a hand held auto-injector device for caregivers to use in case their loved one would happen to overdose on an opioid medication. The new device quickly delivers a single-dose of the medication naloxone to treat a possible overdose. According to the CDC, prescription drug overdose deaths are now the leading cause of death by an injury.  In addition, these types of deaths have increased over the last 10 years.

The symptoms of a possible drug overdose are decreased breathing, heart rate, and loss of consciousnesses. It is important for caregivers to be aware of drug overdose symptoms and also the approval of such devices like Evzio in case of opioid overdose. 

Margaret Hamburg, FDA commissioner, recently commented on Evzio’s approval. “Today’s FDA approval of Evzio provides an important new tool in our arsenal to more effectively combat the devastating effects of opioid overdose, which is one part of our comprehensive work to support opioid safety. Reflecting the FDA commitment to encouraging important new therapies, the FDA’s review of Evzio was granted priority status, and the application was reviewed by the FDA in just 15 weeks,” said Hamburg.

What do you think of the approval of the hand held device? Do you think it will be helpful in the war against opioid overdose?



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