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28-Apr-14 9:45 AM  CST  

Work Tips: Bridging The Confidence Gap 

Confidence breeds many things and qualities which can lead to greater success in the workplace. Some individuals have endless amounts of confidence, while others lack that very quality. Those individuals who breed confidence often get the job.

            Journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman offer a boost in confidence in their new book titled “The Confidence Code:  The Science and Art Of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know.” The journalists argue that confidence is partly influenced by genetics and that is it not a fixed psychological state.  Shipman and Kay suggest that confidence requires a choice individuals need to make of less people pleasing and perfection and more action and risk-taking. 

            Kay recently commented on her new book in an article for “The Washington Post” about her experiences and exuding confidence. “I’ve gotten to where I want to be, but only by forcing myself to do things that tested my confidence – going on shows I found intimidating, applying for jobs that seemed a bit out of reach, and standing up to bosses to insist on doing things my way,” said Kay.  The authors also give some additional advice in their book. “Nothing succeeds like success.  Confidence is what is needed to turn thoughts into action. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Don’t just stand there, do something,” the authors plead. 

            Confidence is something that shines when an individual has it. It really can help an individual land a job they have been dreaming of.  Individuals currently employed will also benefit from gaining more confidence and it may land them more recognition at work and also a possible promotion. To learn more about the book “The Confidence Code,” please visit


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