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12-May-14 10:15 AM  CST  

Antipsychotics and Mood Stabilizers May Help Reduce Violent Crime 

Local and national news channels report stories of violent crime each day and evening. Violent crime will not stop, but perhaps some of the individuals who commit violent acts of crime will get the help they need through medication. A recent study conducted in Sweden has brought light to the possibility that violent crime may be reduced through the use of antipsychotic and mood-stabilizing drugs for those who suffer from severe mental illness. The study was conducted in Sweden and published in the medical journal Lancet.

            Such antipsychotic medication and mood stabilizing medication can possibly do four things beneficial to the reduction of violent crime:


Delusions. Antipsychotics and mood-stabilizers may help tame delusions which might lead to violent episodes and crime. 

Emotional Order. These drugs may also assist in the restoration of emotional order. 

Relapses. If patients are given the right medication for an emotional condition it can help keep relapses down compared to patients who are not given antipsychotic drugs and mood-stabilizers.

Risk. The risk of violent crime to communities is reduced when patients are treated properly for mental illness.


Well known American psychiatrist Elspeth C. Richie recently commented on the study for an article on MedPage Today. He says the study reinforces what he already believes about certain mental conditions in that “patients function better in society and are more likely to stay out of trouble when they are in treatment.”




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Source: Jennifer S. O’Reilly

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