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19-May-14 12:00 PM  CST  

Work Tips: Dealing With Lack Of Experience 

Lack of experience can hurt and hinder you when looking for a job. This is especially true when seeking work in the pharmacy technician field.  It seems as though everyone has experience in the field when you go and apply for work. You may even get turned down for jobs for your lack of experience. Lack of experienced can be remedied by gaining needed experience that will help you land a job in the pharmacy field.


Internships.  Make sure you take advantage of both internships and externships. Both experiences will enable you to get hands-on experience in the pharmacy technician field. Studying about working as a technician is fine, but you also need the practical experience as well. Hands-on training counts for A LOT.

Positions for uncertified technicians. There are positions for uncertified technicians, although certification is preferred.  By taking a job as an uncertified tech, you will gain the experience and knowledge needed to work in the field.  It will also give you a good idea of what to expect as a technician as you will get to observe other technicians in action.

Gaining certification. Taking and passing the PTCE is the most wonderful feeling in the world for a pharmacy technician student.  Certification will lead you to more job opportunities and higher pay. Taking the test is well worth it! 


            The above tips can help you get the experience you are lacking and also bring you the job you desire. Lack of experience can act as a barrier to getting work, but it does not have to.  More great work tips can be found by going to




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