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16-Jun-14 9:45 AM  CST  

Pharmacists Placed In ERís To Assist In the Elimination Of Medication Errors 

According to a recent article published on titled “Hospitals Put Pharmacists In The ER To Cut Medication Errors,” it is noted in the story that approximately 7000 plus deaths across the country are caused by drug errors and serious drug interactions.

            Medication errors can cost. They cost money, time, jobs, legal problems, losses of licenses, possible correctional time, and more importantly they cost precious lives and/or sickness. When pharmacy technicians are in school they are taught to avoid drug errors at all costs and are also made very aware of the severe consequences of performing a medication error.

            To help cut down on medical errors and drug interactions, the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas enlists pharmacists in their emergency rooms to make sure the right dose is given to the right patient.  Doctors and pharmacists are also using spell check systems to help cut down on errors.  As pharmacy technicians, we are aware of these ‘rights,’ but medical professionals can sometimes forget these important rights and medications are given to the wrong patient, causing serious consequences for the patient, doctor, and pharmaceutical staff.

            According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), drug errors can be due to bad handwriting, similar drug names, ill packaging design of the drug, confusion between dosing, and metric units.  This is another reason why it is important to remember why you became a pharmacy technician and help fight the battle against medication errors.  You will help save a life by doing your job right.





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