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25-Jun-14 1:45 PM  CST  

Student Loan Debt: It Hurts More Than The Pocket Book 

Student loan debt can hurt more than just an individual’s pocketbook. It can also be the cause of heath diseases like high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.  Some students are able to pay their loans off fairly quickly if they are able to find a good paying job; others are still struggling to pay off student loan debt. It’s a toss up, people need a good education to get a job, but the job they are offered should enable them to pay down their student loans.

            A recent study conducted by Northwestern University has linked student loan debt to high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and general poor mental health. Elizabeth Sweet, lead author of the study, recently commented on the study’s findings and the growing epidemic of higher student loan debt and poor health. “There had been a fairly strong and consistent link between debt and depression, debt and thoughts of suicide. But very little had been done to look at the impact on physical health and the psychological issues associated with debt that can lead to broader health problems, according to the researcher’s analysis.  Mental health issues can lead to poor dietary choices, low physical activity, and substance abuse. The addition of raised blood pressure can also lead to cardiovascular and metabolic conditions,” said Sweet.

            Are you burdened with student loan debt from attending a college, university, or technical school pharmacy technician program? How do you plan on plan on paying off your debt? Has your debt affected your health?








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