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7-Jul-14 10:30 AM  CST  

Career Tips For The Pharmacy Technician Mom Returning To Work 

Becoming a mother is a beautiful gift and responsibility, not to mention a rewarding gift as well.  New mom’s returning to work face a challenge in that they may have lost some of their work skills or worry whether they will fit back into their work culture. Some mom’s take off short periods of time and others take extended leave of absences. Getting back into career mode can be tough at first, but it can be done.  Here are some tips to help get you back into the pharmacy technician workforce:


Network.  Network with other pharmacy technician mom’s before you have your baby and after. They can offer sage advice on how to juggle all the responsibilities of becoming a new mom and working as a technician.


Write it down.  Writing down what you expect out of your career ahead of time takes some of the guess work out of wondering how you will handle it all once you become a mom. Be sure to meet with your employer before you leave for the big event so you can discuss who will take your place while you are gone and discuss what your employer expects from you when you return to work. 


Child and Daycare.  Decide how you will handle daycare and childcare for your baby before you return to work. Also, ask your pharmacist or pharmacy manager if it is ok to check in with the daycare center during the day to check on your baby. Some employers will have a soft heart where check-ins are concerned so don’t be afraid to ask them.


Most importantly, enjoy the birth of your baby and time off from work to take care of your new little one, and don’t forget to bring your brag book of pictures when you come back to work. Your boss and co-workers will enjoy seeing pictures of your little bundle of joy!






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