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28-Jul-14 11:45 AM  CST  

Career Tips: Will Online Websites Replace The Traditional Resume? 

Online presences are everywhere and are the first place employment recruiters are looking these days for posted resumes, valuable talent, and networking opportunities. Will your online website and resume replace your traditional resume in the next few years? Below are some key components your professional web site should include when trying to reel in potential employers:


  • Resume. Your online web site can include your resume (preferably in PDF format) if you prefer to display your resume without totally abandoning it. Make sure you have proofread your resume and perfected it the way you want before saving it in PDF format.


  • Opportunities to display. When you have an online website to display what you have to offer potential employers, it gives you a chance to display links, photos, and works. Maybe you have done some pharmacy technician writing and would like to display it on your web page or photos from special pharmacy conferences you have attended in the past. The display possibilities are endless.


  • Standing out.  By having your own web site to display your talents you are enabling yourself to stand out from the rest of the crowd, while some applicants may only use a resume and cover letter to display their talents.


            Some personal web sites can be created for free, while others cost.  You can also advertise for freelance individuals to help you build your web site and give you pointers as to what would attract potential bosses.  So, create away today to better career possibilities!





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