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15-Aug-14 9:30 AM  CST  

Struggling to Cope: Momís using More Than ADHD Meds To Get Things Done 

According to a recent Drug Store News report, one-in-four Americans purposefully misuse prescription drugs. There have been endless reports (including a report of mine) that some Mom’s are using their children’s ADHD medication to cope while trying to get everything done and the daily struggles of life, but they are also using other drugs as well to get their duties complete. Some of the other drugs are:


  • Anti-anxiety medications. Benzodiazepines are often used by women and Mom’s looking to calm their nerves, but these little pills can be addictive.  There are certain cases though, where benzodiazepines are in order. If they are taken correctly and in moderation, they can be a big help for anxiety sufferers.


  • Sleeping pills.  Some women use these pills to help them get a good nights sleep because they are burdened with endless to do lists and cannot turn their thoughts off so they can sleep.  Many women have tuned to Ambien and Lunesta for relief.


  • Opiate painkillers.  According to a report on, there has been a 400 percent increase in the amount of people being treated for opiate painkiller abuse in the last ten years.


            The prescription drug abuse epidemic will not end anytime soon, but as pharmacy technicians we have a duty to ensure patient safety and hope that we too can make a difference in the war against drugs.




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Source: Jennifer S. OíReilly

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