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22-Aug-14 11:15 AM  CST  

Work Tips: Have You Picked The Wrong Career? 

Do you find yourself wanting to turn the alarm clock off when it buzzes loudly each morning or do you dread the idea of walking into your workplace everyday?  You may have picked the wrong career path if you find yourself experiencing these signs. There is nothing worse than completing a course of study or internship in your field and realizing that you have chosen the wrong career path. Below are some additional signs that you may need to change careers before you find yourself in the daily grind in an unhappy way:


  • Sunday evenings. Getting a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday evening is never a good sign. It often indicates that you really dislike your work and if it’s making you sick, then a change is in order.


  • Job duties. Do you enjoy your job duties at work or do you find yourself making mistakes (which are not allowed in the pharmacy technician field). Those interested in becoming pharmacy technicians should enjoy helping people for the greater good and also want to ensure patient safety on a daily basis.


  • Natural instincts. If the work you are performing does not come naturally, then you probably feel as though your work is strained and forced. When you do not like what you do, the work is often a burden and takes a toll on you physically and mentally.


            Being a pharmacy technician is a great job and wonderful responsibility for the right individual.  Doing as much research as possible on the career of your choice is best and will keep you from making a big career faux pas later on.






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