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29-Aug-14 10:00 AM  CST  

Career Tips: Showing Leadership At Work 

        Are you the pharmacy technician that takes the lead at work?  Are you the one who graciously shows new technicians how things are done?  If you are the one taking the first step in getting things done, then you may be cut out to be a leader at work or may even progress to a leadership role.  Below are some notes in helping you take the lead at work:


  • Willingly take the lead.  When you willingly volunteer to take the lead at work, your bosses, and colleagues will notice. Offering to help where help is needed can help you progress at work and may even lead you a lead pharmacy technician job. Of course, always be aware of federal and state laws that denote what pharmacy technicians can and cannot do on the job before you take on extra work.


  • Lead with a “Pure Heart.” Dr. Shana L. Garrett, PhD, counselor, educator, and Pure Heart Leader, believes in leading with a pure heart in whatever you do. She says “Pure Heart” is a simple concept. It requires commitment. It must be authentic. It must include a desire to succeed with others. Finally, one should not be afraid to become emotionally invested. “Pure Heart.”


  • Resumes and Interviews. Showing your leadership skills on your resume and discussing them in interviews is a good way to show potential employers that you have demonstrated leadership abilities and can do them again in your future position.


            Positions of leadership can give you great confidence and a big self-esteem boost. Leaders take on responsibility and can touch each and every life they come in contact with. Become a leader today – it will brighten your life and the lives of others!




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Source: Jennifer S. O’Reilly

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