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5-Sep-14 10:00 AM  CST  

Work Tips: Getting A Grip On Your Emotions And Moods At Work 

Getting a handle on your emotions can be hard for some people, especially at work.  However, if you want your bosses to take you seriously then keeping them in check is a must. Anger management can lead to problems with bosses, co-workers, and others you encounter in the workplace.  Below are some tips to help keep your feelings in check at work:


  •  Compartmentalize. Compartmentalizing and boxing up your feelings will help you get a grip and put those feelings and moods in place so you can concentrate on your work.


  • Overcoming mental blocks. Mental blocks, just like writer’s block, can interfere with your work productivity. According to psychology experts, we have mental blocks based on passed experiences.  That is why they are so hard to overcome at times. Using the above step of compartmentalizing can help you overcome whatever mental block is bothering you.  Another step to overcoming mental blocks is talking about the blocks with a trusted counselor who can help you get passed the tough mental block you are experiencing.


  • Deep breathing. Simple deep-breathing exercises can also help you refocus and get rid of a bad mood. Slow, deep breaths often work the best.


  • Music. Playing soft, classical, or ambient music can help soothe your nerves as well. iTunes Radio and Spotify offer a wide selection of music for every taste.


            So, put your bad mood in its place and get on with your day. You will feel better that you shook off the bad vibes and returned to business.  Plus, you will have made the lives of your co-workers more pleasant as well.






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