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12-Sep-14 10:45 AM  CST  

Career Tips: Changing Careers In Your 40s 

If you are approaching 40 or in your 40’s, it’s not too late to make a career change. Forget all that over the hill stuff and get in the mindset, that yes, you can make a career change at 40 or in your 40s. Career experts suggest the following when looking to make a job change later in life:


Fear.  Many career counselors feel individuals make excuses when it comes to changing career paths, but the more excuses you make, the more you hold yourself back from making the change. Think about what is the worst thing that can happen and visualize it. Nine times out of ten the worst is just your fear kicking in.  When fear holds us back, we truly get nothing done.


Inventory of skills. Think about the type of job you are doing now and what you would like to be doing. Make an inventory list of what you know how to do already listing skills and education you may need if you change careers. This will help you narrow down what you might want to do and also help you make a decision about the type of further education you may need to excel at your new career. 


Money vs. enjoyment. You may have faced this in your 20s. You asked yourself the question of whether you should pick a career for money or one you will enjoy. Some individuals will make the sacrifice of taking a job that pays less so they can truly enjoy what they do. The payoff of picking a career you like is endless.


Here I have given you some insight on changing careers at 40 or in your 40s. The career choices are up to you and hopefully you will pick a career you enjoy, maybe even one you like better than the job you had in your 20s or 30s.





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Source: Jennifer S. O’Reilly

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