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19-Sep-14 1:45 PM  CST  

Some Reasons Why You May Not Have Landed The Job 

You come home after a job interview and ask yourself “Why didn’t I get the job?” A million reasons are now running through your head as to why you didn’t land it. There are many possibilities to the answer and here is a look at some of the reasons:


  • Salary or hourly rate. If you brought up a salary or hourly rate first, that is sometimes a turn off to getting the job. Potential employers often want to know that your interest is in the job and not strictly in the salary or hourly pay. Show them it’s not of utmost concern by addressing salary in the interview and not over phone or email interviews.


  • Personality. You may have the right skills, experience, excellent references, and a stellar background, but if the potential employer feels as though you clash with a certain boss, job culture, or company, then you may not be the right fit. Don’t let that stop you from applying to other positions at other companies, there is something out there for every technician.


  • Questions. Bosses like potential employees to ask questions. It could be that you did not ask questions or ask the questions the interviewer wanted to hear. Remember to ask key questions about the job, it’s duties, bring up salary or hourly rates gingerly, and even ask who you will be reporting to and working with if possible. Also, asking for a tour of your possible job site may put you at ease the first week on the job.


            Even the best and most trained pharmacy technicians may not get the job they desire. Don’t give up, the right job is out there for you!





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