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26-Sep-14 10:00 AM  CST  

Work Tips: Job Application Mistakes Can Cost You 

Making mistakes on your resume are bad, but making mistakes on pharmacy technician job applications can cost you just as much. Believe it or not, some places of employment actually still use paper applications, but it is more common for a potential employer to ask you to complete an online application. Below are some tips to help you avoid job application mistakes:


Generics.  While generics are fine when it comes to pills that are dispensed in the pharmacy, generic cover letters often sound like you did not put forth much effort into writing the letter.  Always tailor the cover letter to the job you are applying for.


Not following directions.  Some pharmacy technician applications ask for a certain number of references, directly ask for a cover letter with your resume, and may also ask for an assessment to be completed at the end of your application. Not following the specific directions of the application can get your hard work thrown in the can.


Research.  Always do your research when it comes to the community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy you are applying to. The research will help you better write your cover letter and also prepare you for the big interview if you are asked ‘so have you had any time to do any research on our company?’


Paper applications.  There may be a time when you are asked to fill out a paper job application. Try to make copies of the application if you can.  This will allow room for mistakes in case you do mess up on the paper application.


These are just a few possible things to keep in mind when filling out job applications. So remember: Have a perfect cover letter, resume, AND job application to present on your interview!





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