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14-Oct-14 12:15 PM  CST  

PTCB Implements More Changes In Continuing Education Requirements in 2015 

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) has announced more changes in continuing education requirements for Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CphT’s). Firstly, continuing education (CE) requirements must be “T-specific” to count towards recertification. Many providers of CE credits are now going “T-specific” to keep up with new standards.

            Secondly, PTCB has also announced that they will reduce the number of ‘in service’ CE hours from 10 to 5 hours. ‘In service’ CE hours mean that the hours earned are to be certain projects or specific training that is earned at the technicians workplace which must be under a pharmacists supervision.

            Pharmacy technicians should also make note of additional changes to continuing education requirements by PTCB. Additional changes in recertification requirements will also include:


  • Allowable CE hours earned from college courses will be reduced from 15 to 10 hours by 2016.


  • By 2018, PTCB will phase out allowable in-service CE hours.


  • By 2020, PTCB new candidates seeking initial certification will need to successfully complete an American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP/ACPE) accredited education program.


            Everett B. McAllister, MPA, RPh, commented on these changes in a press release by PTCB Staff.  “It is important for pharmacy technicians to be educated through programs designed to address technician-specific responsibilities and knowledge requirements in the pharmacy. PTCB’s T-specific CE requirement and the phased reduction in allowable in-service CE hours are specific with this goal,” said McAllister.

            As a pharmacy technician, what do you think of the latest changes announced by PTCB?  Are you in favor or not in favor of the latest implemented changes?




1.  PTCB Staff.  “PTCB To Implement Changes In Continuing Education Requirements in 2015.”  Web.  Date of Access:  7 Oct 2014.  

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Source: Jennifer S. O’Reilly

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