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2-Apr-15 11:00 AM  CST  

President Promises More Funding to Help Fight “Superbugs” 

“Superbugs”. It sounds like the next villain arising from the Marvel Universe. While Captain America, Ironman, Spiderman, and their pals are only figments of great imaginations, “superbugs” are proving to be very real. Growing concern over the infestation of bacterial strains that are resistant to the current market of antibiotics has become so disconcerting that the White House has made a stance on defeating them.

Late last week President Barrack Obama supported a Bill that would double the funding being used to research and monitor ways of defending the public against deadly strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The President urged Congress to be swift in passing the Bill in order to keep the crisis from growing any further. The President also went on to say, “We take antibiotics for granted for a lot of illnesses that can be deadly and debilitating.” The President’s current reaction to antibiotic resistant bacteria is in direct response to the “superbug” outbreak last month at UCLA Medical Center that left 7 people infected, 2 dead and potentially more than 160 people exposed to a deadly bacterial strain.

According to an article published in the New York Times, Americans use more antibiotics than any other developed nation in the world. In fact the United States uses nearly twice as many antibiotics as Germany or the Netherlands. Once praised for being the cure that would save millions of lives misuse of antibiotics has set us on a course of destruction. The Bill proposed by the Obama Administration would put more than 1.2 billion dollars into research and monitoring. However, many in the research and medical communities believe throwing more funding at the problem will do little to help the current situation.

While there has been a push in recent years to do a more through job of educating the public about the proper use of antibiotics some believe it may have come too late. Antibiotics are only effective when taken for bacterial infections. Antibiotics are ineffective on viral infections, such as the common cold, yet this type of abuse is exactly what has caused the current crisis.





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