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1-Sep-08 9:00 AM  CST  

New Comprehensive Book by Johnston 

The Pharmacy Technician: Foundations & Practices by Johnston
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With many State Boards of Pharmacy either considering, or having already enacted, mandatory registration, certification and/or formal education, the need for a comprehensive and up-to-date pharmacy technician textbook has never been greater!
This full color text has ample illustrations and allows students to easily visualize the material being covered. The Step by step procedures give clear directions on how to perform numerous tasks required by pharmacy technicians and the workplace wisdom and profiles of practice give real world pharmacy examples. 
This new book was developed by Mike Johnston, CPhT, Chairman/CEO of the National Pharmacy Technician Association, written by Johnston, Jeff Gricar, CPhT and Karen Davis, CPhT and is published by Pearson Education, the leading educational publiser in the world.
Chapter features include the following:
  • Clearly defined chapter learning objectives -inform the student of the expected educational outcomes and provide the instructor a tool to measure the student’s mastery of the material presented.
  • Chapter introductions and summaries - provide the student with a clearer understanding and rationale of the content being covered.
  • Key terms - are listed and defined at the beginning of each chapter to allow the student to become familiar with new terminology to be presented, and the key terms are bolded within the text to reinforce the student’s attention to the key terms. 
  • Ample illustrations -  in full color, through out the text allow students to easily visualize the material being covered.
  • Step - by - Step Procedures - provide students with clear directions on how to perform the numerous tasks required of pharmacy technicians.
  • Workplace Wisdom- features highlighted tips and comments that replicate the advice of a seasoned pharmacy technician.
  • Profiles of Practice - offers practical exercises that simulate “real world” pharmacy problems and give the student the opportunity to apply their learning.
  • Chapter Reviews - present a learning assessment for both the student and the instructor to evaluate material comprehension. Each Chapter Review includes multiple choice questions, as well as internet-based assignments and critical-thinking questions.

ISBN-10: 0132283093
ISBN-13: 9780132283090
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright: 2009
Format: Paper Bound w/CD-ROM; 816 pp
List Price: $69.33
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