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NPTA Unveils the new Volunteer Involvement & Participation Program

It has been a year of significant change and growth for us, at NPTA, and we could not have achieved so much without the time and effort provided by those who served within our volunteer structure. One key to a vibrant organization, however, is the continuing influx of new volunteer involvement, participation and leadership throughout the association.  NPTA has recently restructured our volunteer opportunities and structure, in efforts to allow more individuals to become involved and get connected over the coming years. 

Once upon a time there was a chicken and a pig who were very good friends.  They lived in a town where poverty was widespread.  Many people rarely ate three meals a day.  The chicken wanted to help these people, so one day she approached her good friend the pig and said, “I have an idea how you and I could help these poor people get a good breakfast.:
     “What could we do?” questioned the pig.
     “Well, I could give the eggs I lay and you could make some of your big body into ham so that we could give the people a ham-and-eggs breakfast,” the chicken explained.
     “I understand your concern,” answered the wise pig, “but what is just a donation for you is a total commitment for me.”

With the launch of NPTA’s VIP Program…we are allowing individuals to make an impact, like the chicken, without requiring an unrealistic commitment, like the pig.

A Unanimous Decision

Changes to our volunteer structure have been in the works for nearly 18 months.  Prior to the 2004 Technician Convention, held in San Antonio, NPTA’s Executive Advisory Board initiated a dialogue concerning what was working for the association…what wasn’t…and most importantly – what we would need to continue to thrive in the future. 

There was no ‘clear’ answer or path, but the EAB realized that change was going to be needed.

After more than a year of considering options, the Executive Advisory Board made a decisive change, with a unanimous voice, during the third quarter of 2005.  The EAB resolved that the current volunteer structure should be dissolved and reorganized…for the benefit of the individual volunteers, the organization and the profession.  It was decided that the National Leadership Council would be dissolved immediately and that the Executive Advisory Board would be dissolved on December 31, 2005. And so it has.

With the EAB and NLC now a part of the organization’s past, the association is shifting focus to the future and the VIP Program.

Now: The VIP Program
NPTA has developed the Volunteer Involvement and Participation Program, or VIP Program, to replace the prior structure of the EAB/NLC, to allow a greater number of members to become involved and to greatly reduce the commitment(s) asked of volunteers. We believe that the VIP Program achieves these goals, while not causing the organization to suffer from a lack of advice and input from our members. 

The VIP Program consists of five components: 
Members Stakeholder Councils
Steering Committees
Professional Service Volunteers
Professional Stakeholder Councils
Staff/Appointed Leadership.

VIP Program applicants will only commit to roughly ten hours of volunteer service, over the course of one year. Here is a more detailed explanation of each of the five components of the VIP Program, as well as a 2006 VIP Program Application Form:

NPTA Member Stakeholder Councils
NPTA has identified fifteen individual and specific practice settings that, collectively, represent more than 95% of all members.  Each of these practice settings now has a separate Member Stakeholder Council within the VIP Program, which will guide and advise the organization on issues specific to the practice setting.

Member Stakeholder Councils are comprised of up to five individual members that are currently employed in a specific practice setting. Council members will contribute, on average, ten hours over the course of an entire year, through the completion of in-depth surveys, conference calls and/or research.  One member of each Member Stakeholder Council will be appointed to serve on NPTA’s Advisory Board, representing their practice setting.

NPTA Steering Committees
NPTA has established five unique Steering Committees, within the VIP Program, which will direct specific efforts of the organization, such as legislative/regulatory affairs, editorial content, membership services, public relations and industry research.
Steering Committees are comprised of up to ten individual members that have expressed interest in a particular effort of the organization. Committee members will contribute, on average, ten hours over the course of an entire year, through the completion of in-depth surveys, conference calls and/or research. 

Professional Services
NPTA has a reputation for quality educational content, programs and events, but the reality is that our reputation is built upon the quality of our members and volunteers.  NPTA is now including Professional Services, within the VIP Program, because of it’s importance and the impact it has on our association. Professional Services include authors, presenters, continuing education program reviewers and event volunteers. It is utilizing the combinations of experience and education that are unique to each individual, for the benefit of others.

There are no restrictions on the number of individuals that may be involved with NPTA’s Professional Services. The scope of service and commitment of time will vary, but generally will not exceed more than ten hours.

Professional Stakeholder Councils
NPTA has identified various industry sectors that are linked, directly or indirectly, to the growth and development of the pharmacy technician profession and to the association. Some of these industry sectors, include: pharmacy employers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, educational institutions and affiliated pharmacy associations.  Representatives from these, and potentially other, sectors will serve on Professional Stakeholder Councils, within the VIP Program; in addition, at least five Professional Stakeholders will serve on NPTA’s Advisory Board.

Staff and Appointed National Leadership
The final component of NPTA’s VIP Program will incorporate Executive Staff and Appointed National Leaders, of which five individuals will serve on the NPTA Advisory Board.  NPTA’s Executive Director, representing the Executive Team, will serve as Chairman of the Advisory Board.  In addition, NPTA will appoint a national leader as President of the Advisory Board and three Members-at-Large to the Advisory Board.

Whatever your reason is…

• Volunteers Influence the Process
• Volunteers Increase Promotion
• Volunteers Improve the Profession
• Volunteers Identify Potential
• Volunteers Inspire Perfection
• Volunteers Illustrate Power
• Volunteers Impart Purpose
• Volunteers Infuse Passion
• Volunteers Impact their Peers
• Volunteers Ignite Progress
Get Involved Today and Become a VIP!

VIP Application

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