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Could a Simple Blood Test Detect Breast Cancer?

 Breast Cancer Awareness month is one of the most celebrated health awareness
 months and is an important reminder to women (and men) to be aware of early
 detection efforts and to celebrate breast cancer survivors who have conquered their

 Along with the celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the University of
 Leicester and Imperial College in London are currently in a study to determine
 whether DNA in a patients blood could detect whether they have breast cancer or
 not.  The blood test could also potentially detect if breast cancer patients would
 relapse and also what types of drugs could work on the particular type of tumor the
 patient has.  In addition, the researchers believe  that the blood test could be more effective than using a mammogram to detect cancer of the breast. 

Principal Investigator from the University of Leicester, Dr. Jacqui Shaw, recently commented on this exciting new possibility in the detection of breast cancer.  “This exciting research means we could one day have a blood test that detects the very early signs of cancer meaning women could have an annual blood test rather than breast screening.  This would remove any worry or anxiety for women who are called for further investigations after a mammogram only to find they don’t have cancer” said Shaw. 

Pharmacy Technicians can pass on this very informative and educational news as well as remind patients and pharmacy customers of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Stevens, Ailsa.  “A Simple Blood Test Could Be Used To Detect Breast Cancer.” Eurek Alert.  Web.  1 Oct 2012.  

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