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Celebrating National Pharmacy Technician Day & American Pharmacists Month 2012

October is full of awareness causes.  Two very relevant ones have presented themselves this month to honor pharmacy technicians and pharmacists.  This month we celebrate National Pharmacy Technician Day and American Pharmacists Month to honor and celebrate the courageous and important efforts of both pharmacists and technicians in the field of pharmacy.

The yearly motto for American Pharmacists Month is ‘Know Your PHARMACIST, Know Your MEDICINE.’  According to the American Pharmacists Association, American Pharmacists Month is a time to educate patients, motivate staff, engage, and inspire patients to get to know their pharmacist better and make patients more knowledgeable about their medication. 

October 23rd is also National Pharmacy Technician Day with the motto being ‘Helping America Feel Better.’  NPTA has some great suggestions for celebrating the day in your pharmacy.  Some of the tips are: 

  1. Make a poster or banner to hang up in your pharmacy. 
  2. Provide brochures or flyers to patients explaining the role of CphT’s in providing care. 
  3. Host a luncheon for pharmacy technicians or plan an after work get together. 
  4. Go speak to students at a local pharmacy technician program. 
  5. Get an official proclamation from your mayor, city council, or governor. 
  6. If you are a pharmacist let your techs know they are appreciated by giving them a gift of appreciation.  NPTA logo items can be found by going to www.pharmacytechnician.org/ptday

Please remember to celebrate American Pharmacists Month and National Pharmacy Technician day this year! 

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