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A Look At Creating Your Own Happiness

Creating your own happiness is essential to being successful in every aspect of life.  In Professor Tal Ben-Shahar’s book “Choose the Life You Want:  101 Ways to Create Your Own Happiness” much can be learned about creating our own happiness in life.  PsychCentral.com has highlighted just a few of Professor Tal Ben-Shahar’s book.  Here are some of his tips:        
  • View work as having meaning.  The author suggests to ‘find work that is meaningful or to find something meaningful in our work.’  He also suggests that mindset has a lot to do with the way work is viewed.  By having a positive mind set individuals can view both their work and their personal life in a more positive manner. 

  •  Find the positive.  Professor Ben-Shahar’s book touts finding the positive when it comes to life and how we approach it.  He reminds readers that how we approach life affects both our physical and mental health. 

  • Pleasure boosters.  Finding bits of happiness in our day helps us refuel and elevates our mood.  Everyone has their own pleasure boosters and finding out yours can bring joy into your day. 

  • Embrace silence.  Embracing silence is something you may have not thought about.  Most of us get so caught up in our daily routine that we forget to enjoy moments of silence and meditation.  Finding these great moments can help us be more creative and have closer connections to our environment and ourselves.     

  • View situations differently.  Life is full of different types of situations and leaning how to cope with them is the best policy for peace of mind.  Ben-Shahar encourages readers of his book to see life as challenges and not obstacles.  Seeing life as challenging and not full of difficult situations can empower us to be excited, energized, and determined about life’s various situations.  How we see life can have a huge impact on our everyday and overall happiness. 

To read more helpful tips by Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, interested individuals can purchase his book through www.amazon.com

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