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Survey Reports That Adults Trust the Internet More Than Their Pharmacist

A surprising new survey reports that 18% of adults in the United States trust the Internet more than their pharmacist concerning health care decisions.  This study was conducted online by Harris Interactive, September 2012, with 2,310 individuals that were 18 and older. 

Bruce Roberts of RxAlly recently commented on medication adherence and important communication between patients and their pharmacist.  “There is a significant discrepancy between patient-reported versus proven adherence rates, which underscores the need to leverage pharmacists’ specialized training to better educate patients about their medications and how to correctly take them.  Ongoing personalized pharmacist care involving regular conversations with a pharmacist is proven to increase adherence rates, improve patient health, and reduce costs-a triple win for patients, pharmacists, and the entire U.S. health care industry,” said Roberts. 

Pharmacy Technicians can follow the lead of their pharmacist by encouraging patients to have regular conversations with their pharmacist about health related issues as well as encourage patients to take their medication on a regular basis for the sake of their health and well-being. 


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