1-Nov-12 7:45 AM  CST

Ameridose Recalls Unexpired Products Due to Sterility Concerns

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today that Ameridose, LLC, is recalling all unexpired products that are in circulation due to concerns over lack of sterility issues.  The issue covers products produced and distributed by Ameridose.  Use of unsterile products poses a health hazard that can lead to sickness and life-threatening consequences. 

The recall is being performed out of caution and not due to infection issues with Ameridose products.  The Ameridose Company shares common management by the same parties as the New England Compounding Center (NECC).  As Pharmacy Technicians may remember, the NECC compounding facility has been closed as a result of the fungal meningitis outbreak. 

Pharmacy Technicians should note that follow up is not necessary for patients that were given Ameridose products already, but going forward healthcare professionals are advised to stop using Ameridose products at this time.  Drugs should be returned to the firm and a full list of recalled medications can be found by going to www.ameridose.com.  Pharmacy Technicians can call Ameridose at 1-888-820-0622 for full instructions on how to return the drugs in question. 

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