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A Little Career Inspiration for Your Monday

The late Helen Gurley Brown was by far one of the best editors of the publishing world.  Brown passed away in August, but left a legacy of inspiration behind.  We are all in need of some career inspiration from time to time and here are some career tips from the late Cosmo editor-in-chief. 
Live the dream.  Following your dreams can be one of the most important things  you can do for your career.  Everyone has a dream and if you don’t have a focus – develop one and continue on that path till your reach your goal. 
Stick with it and keep dreaming bigger.  Helen Gurley Brown held many different types of jobs when she was alive.  For example, you may start out as a Pharmacy Technician and find yourself going back to school to be a pharmacist.  Being open minded about your career and life can often lead to more happiness in your career. 
Act as if, learn as you go.  Employees’s often start in one position and then grow into another.  The possibilities for advancement are endless if you do your job          right.  Good opportunities often present themselves after much hard work has been performed.  Raises and promotions are just a few of the ways employees are rewarded for a hard day’s work.   
Be open to getting help from others.  This means asking for help when you need it and being open to asking others their opinion about different situations.        
Age is just a number.  It is true, age is just a number.  Discovering a new career   at any age is acceptable.  Individuals can become a pharmacy technician at any age and the field always welcomes the young as well as older workers. 
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