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Could Birth Control Without a Prescription Become a Reality?

Currently birth control is only available without a prescription, but that may change in the future.  Recently, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have recommended that that birth control be sold over the counter without a prescription to hopefully reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in the United States.  There are, however, concerns about the pill going OTC.  Just a few of the many concerns are: 
Insurance.  OTC Birth Control would not be covered under insurance and the potential cost of the medication could be high.
Concerned medical professionals.  Doctors are concerned that women may not seek medical advice concerning the pill as it has various side effects and potential hazards like the potential for blood clots or stroke.  Women would need to self-screen themselves which leaves doctors out of the loop financially and professionally.
Greater access.  If the pill would become an OTC med it is possible that it would increase greater access to these drugs in cases where women have had trouble obtaining birth control.
Reducing systemic barriers.  Over the counter access would also reduce systemic barriers such as poverty, immigration status, and language.
Right now it is just being recommended that the pill go OTC so more research would need to be completed as well as FDA final approval.  Pharmacy technicians can share this current and valuable information with other pharmacy technicians so they can stay on top of what is going on in their field. 
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