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Bayer to Celebrate 150 Years of Providing Pharmaceuticals to Health Care Providers and Customers

The Bayer Pharmaceutical cooperation has provided many years of service in providing pharmaceuticals to healthcare providers and customers alike.  The Bayer Cooperation will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2013 with various events and celebrations.  As a pharmacy technician and patient you may have taken Bayer products and recommended them to patients at your pharmacy.  Bayer continues to be a top leader in the pharmaceutical industry.  Here are some interesting facts you can share with your fellow pharmacy technicians about Bayer: 
Did you know that Bayer aspirin came on the market in 1899?  Bayer aspirin is one of the company’s top sellers to this day. 
In 1892 Bayer started selling the first synthetic insecticide to control nun moths. 
Bayer started as a dyestuffs factory in Germany and has grown into a global enterprise employing more than 110,000 people. 
Bayer will host a traveling exhibition that will visit sites around the world.  The company will also have an airship traveling to all of the world’s continents during the upcoming year.  To learn more about Bayer and the numerous celebrations they will have celebrating their 150th anniversary go to www.bayer.com
Bayer News Release.  “15-Years of Bayer:  Success through Innovation and Change.” Bayer AG Communications.  Web.  30 Nov 2012. 

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