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A Little Career Inspiration: Effective Communication At Work

In her book titled ‘The Stress Response,’ Christy Matta, M.A., discusses many self-improvement topics for career success.  One of those topics is effective communication.  Whether you are asking for a raise, extra assistance at work, or a promotion it is important to ask for such work related issues in the proper manner.  Here are some savy communication tips from Matta’s book:  

1.  Make eye contact.  Communication that works best includes eye contact.  Meet the speaker’s eyes and make your point clear.  Do not look out the window or stare at your shoes when asking for something important.  When you look the speaker in the eye you are showing them respect and that you are interested in what they have to say. 

2.  Speaking from the heart.  Saying things from the heart can speak volumes and also show that you are not only a smart employee, but that you are passionate as well.  Showing passion can exemplify a sense of sureness. 

3.  Use humor.  Using humor when appropriate can lighten the mood when discussing something difficult or touchy.  Humor can ease the tension in a situation and shows that you are comfortable with yourself. 

As a pharmacy technician you will come in contact with a variety of different and sometimes difficult situations.  Knowing how to deal with those situations is the key to becoming a successful pharmacy technician. 

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