22-Jan-13 7:00 AM  CST

World’s Smallest Safe Provides Medication Safety To Patients

Could you imagine a safe no bigger than a standard prescription bottle and one that provides medication safety to patients and helps prevent prescription drug abuse?  ‘The Locking Cap’ is here and is a unique prescription bottle with a 4-digit combination-locking lid that can help deter unauthorized adults, young adults, and children from getting into potentially dangerous prescription medication.  The Locking Cap can also be used to store and secure OTC medications as well. 

The Locking Cap product line has been revamped with a newly designed outside label, new packaging, and also comes in a variety of five new colors.  The colors of choice are original white, black, blue, green, red, and pink.  Having a variety of bottle colors to choose from can assist patients that take multiple medications and allow them to identify their medication in an easy and safe manner.  As a pharmacy technician, you may be wondering why such a product was invented.  The Locking Cap was invented and designed to help cut down on the continuing problem of prescription drug abuse.  The creator of The Locking Cap recently commented on the product and new changes to the line.  “We are certain that our new look will have greater impact on the customer, thus promoting our cause to secure medications and protect adolescents from accessing them,” said Joseph Simpson, creator of The Locking Cap. 

What do you think of The Locking Cap?  Would you recommend it to your pharmacist and pharmacy customers?  For more information on The Locking Cap, go to www.TheLockingCap.com

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2.  The Locking Cap Web Site.  www.TheLockingCap.com.

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