28-Jan-13 9:00 AM  CST

FDA Approves Oxytrol OTC Treatment For Overactive Bladder In Women

The FDA has approved Oxytrol, the first over-the-counter treatment for overactive bladder in women.  Over 20 million women suffer from overactive bladder which can have physically and emotionally draining symptoms for those plagued by the condition.  Oxytrol is manufactured by Merck and is a transdermal patch designed to deliver 3.9 mg of oxybutynin each day continuously for a total of four days and four nights.  The transdermal patch will still be available in prescription form for men with overactive bladder. 

Symptoms of overactive bladder include strong urges to urinate and the need to go more often than average – which can or cannot include urinary leakage.  The condition can be embarrassing for both men and women although 80 percent of women ignore treatment. 

Eman Elkadry, M.D., and clinical instructor for Harvard Medical School, and Boston Urogynecology Associates at Mount Auburn Hospital recently commented on the new OTC drug approval.  “The approval of Oxytrol for women as an OTC treatment option is an exciting development for the millions of women that struggle with OAB every day.  This effective, over-the-counter treatment offers women an option to independently manage their condition and achieve a newfound sense of control.  The approval also provides recognition that this is a real medical disorder that can be addressed,” said Elkadry. 

Pharmacy technicians will be interested to know that Oxytrol is anticipated to be available to pharmacy customers in the fall of 2013 according to Merck Pharmaceuticals.    

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